Capella Play

Capella Play


Capella Play Kids Club is a modern entertainment center for children up to 12 years old in Bulgaria. It is equipped with the most advanced high quality facilities from European manufacturers, and is a favorite playground for thousands of children from Varna and the region.

To provide complete and unforgettable experience, the center has a cozy cafe-restaurant designed to meet the needs and preferences of kids.

Capella Play offers a unique atmosphere for family and school celebrations, birthdays, educational and art courses, sports and creative competitions, entertainment shows.

We believe that the combination of educational games and physical exercise helps our children grow healthier and happier.

• Safe Play – Capella Play Centers are created to offer the safest possible environment to play in. Most play facilities are made of soft protective materials. Their designers have more than 30 years’ experience in the design of safe play areas.

• Active Play – nowadays it is more than ever important that children are healthy and active. The Capella Play facilities are designed specifically to develop the physical abilities of children.

• Creative Play – children nowadays spend more and more time playing pre-designed games and that is why Capella Play purposefully offers playground areas that stimulate creativity through games, and appeal not only to children but also to their parents.

• Sports games – these encourage competition between children and provide pleasure for both children and adults.

Capella Play creates an environment where people can relax and unwind. We make shopping and pleasure merge into one. Here you will find relaxation areas designed so that you can feel at home.

Come visit us, we are expecting you!


Capella Play Capella Play Capella Play
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