Cryptocurrency АТМ is already available in Varna Mall

17. June 2021
Cryptocurrency АТМ is already available in Varna Mall

f it ever occurred to you to invest some of your money in bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies in order to get higher yield than bank deposits, you can do it now quickly and easily in Varna Mall. At the South entrance of the shopping centre, a Bitcoin ATM opened next to the Varchev Finance Exchange.

For the time being, it offers for sale the two most popular digital currencies, bitcoin and eterium. However, it is foreseen to cover other cryptocurrencies in the future. A transaction goes fastthrough a virtual wallet and online connection to the machine but only in cash. The minimum purchase amount is BGN 50, and the maximum purchase amount is BGN 9,700.

In 2021, the price of cryptocurrencies continues to rise. Experts say this is a permanent trend and the amounts invested in the purchase of the so-called “digital gold” will surely bring you a good profit really soon.