Sharp Centre | Mall Varna presents the world's largest LED TV

09. August 2013
Sharp Centre | Mall Varna presents the world's largest LED TV

SHARP Center at Mall Varna has announced that the breathtaking 90" LC-90LE757, the largest LED TV in the world, is on sale in Bulgaria and is available in the store. The model AQUOS 3D LED TV, which is over 1.2 meter high is the best TV for those looking for complete "immersion" in the picture. With the latest generation XGEN panel 3D, developed and manufactured by Sharp, it not only boasts a globally leading size, but also a unique image quality.

Alberico Lissoni, Vice President of Consumer Electronics for Sharp Europe, said: "If you want the biggest and the best TV, this is the product you've been waiting for . Our 90 -inch AQUOS LED TV offers a size and picture quality which LED TV users have not had before. It just has to be seen to be believed and to provide a feeling of immersion in the picture whatever you are watching ."

"Although the LC-90LE757 is the largest LED TV available for purchase in the world, we have created a premium design that is lightweight and slim and able to fit in many homes. Remember that you can sit closer than 3.5 m and see the colors shown on the screen with incredible detail, as in real life. "

The leading large screen television in the Sharp AQUOS range - LC-90LE757, offers users the most detailed viewing experience with superb crisp and clear image quality. This is available in the highest resolution HD 1080p thanks to the Sharp XGEN 3D panel. For movie lovers and sports fans who are looking for the best action the TV has an amazingly well-defined moving images thanks to the Active Sharp Motion 200Hz technology and full HD picture with active 3DTV.

The latest generation of the product LC-L90LE757 is fully connected to the whole content that users may wish to access through the AQUOS NET + portal open browser. This ensures web browsing , seamless integration with smart mobile devices, access to premium VOD content and is ready for Skype. It also comes with the new features of Sharp AQUOS Remote Lite applications for IOS, as well as Android, which make it a fully functioning remote control device - an easy and intuitive way to surf the net.

The TV has a built- in triple tuner HD (DVB-T/DVB-C/DVB-S2) and media player that lets you play back photos, videos and music formats from a USB stick or directly from the home network.

Although it is over 2 meters in width , the TV has a slim and stylish panel design and a thin frame . With a weight of only 64 kg (without a stand) and a thickness of only 12 cm, it can easily be mounted on a wall. The direct LED backlight makes this giant TV so energy efficient that it is rated under the European Energy Label A + +.

Additional features include an optional mode Wallpaper, which turns your TV into a real picture of art by playing predefined memory images when in standby mode. It displays the image with low brightness, so that you are looking at a "real" image that fits the style of the room. When in Wallpaper mode, the TV consumes low power and can be set by a timer.

The price of this model is BGN 26 999, which at first glance may be startling even for high-end customers , but actually the price is several times lower than TVs in this class and of this size.

You have to see it to see it Sharp!