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As Kiğılı, we are the men's clothing brand of Turkey, which contemporary, rational and successful men prefer. We continue to be indispensable to the city's professionals with our innovative vision that defies years and our world-class collections. We take a pioneering role with the innovations we bring to the fashion sector, and we present trends to men's liking by interpreting them with our own lines.

Our collections offering options for different age groups give men the most comfortable wear experience every day of the week. Suits that make you move freely in a busy business meeting, daily designs that offer comfort on a Sunday's breakfast, the most stylish tuxedos at special occasions, or the tricots that warms you up during a skiing holiday are some of the items enriching Kiğılı experience.


  •    207 stores in 62 cities in Turkey
  •    24 stores worldwide
  •    6.500.000 pieces production per year
  •    150.000 pieces shipment per week
  •    50.000 m2 storage area
  •    1,800 employees


Founded in 1938 for the sale of fabric for men, our brand started production in 1965. Our first store opened in Beyoglu in 1969. We are working for the purpose of unconditional customer satisfaction from the day we were established and today we are living the rightful pride of moving our success beyond Turkey's borders.

We are giving service with 207 stores in 62 provinces of Turkey and with totally 24 foreign stores, of which there are 17 stores in Austria, France, Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Macedonia, Vienna and 7 corner stores today.

We send over 150,000 items per week to nearly 300 sales points that spread all over the world. As Kiğılı, while working with vision of being one of the world fashion giants; we aim to be one of the top 10 global brands that come to mind in terms of men's wear.

Our Mission

"Becoming the leading brand preferred in the world markets in international markets in men's fashion retailing"

Our Vision

"To provide quality product variety with reasonable prices through our service with qualified human resources, to increase our domestic market share and to be one of the 10 well-known brands in the international market"

Quality Policy

Our aim in accordance with the vision of KİĞILI is to gain new customers with our quality products and services at world’s standards while satisfying the expectations and needs of our existing customers with the principle of “Always Right Product-Right Time-Right Price” as the leader of the sector, considering the conditions of Laws and Standards, internal-external issues associated with the company as well as the expectations of stakeholders and customers, and to continuously develop our company.

Competition in international market through innovation, dynamic, open to change, continuous growth and development is our main aim. The most important resource for achieving this aim is our employees.

Our employees’ high motivation, team work harmony, creativeness, being customer-oriented and productivity is the foundation of our quality and success. To provide training to our employees with this respect and to participate in their development are our privileges.

We do business with our suppliers in “Cooperation Based on Mutual Trust” and share the same quality understanding. We accept our suppliers as a part of our system.

We keep the highest quality of our technology and assets, use them efficiently and pursue the innovations to be the leader of the sector.

We will present KİĞILI brand which the esteemed and preferred brand of Turkey to the world by ensuring customer satisfaction with Quality Products and Services and continuous development of service processes and effectiveness of Quality Management System considering the risks and opportunities.

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