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The company ART 93 was created in 1993 and is narrowly specialized in the production and trade of leather products, accessories and souvenirs, such as belts, wallets, bags, men’s bags, gloves, among others. Our products are made of high-quality materials, and our production is the preferred choice in many European Union countries, in the former states of Yugoslavia, in Russia and in Ukraine.

Our products’ good quality and relatively low prices help us make progress within new and far-away markets. The established customer confidence, as well as the need for new items, make us seek, select, and offer new high-quality products under our logo. We market deluxe accessories, such as umbrellas, neckties, lighters, keychains, manicure sets, amongst others, specifically created for ART 93 by leading companies in the field.

The qualification and background of our staff at all levels, as well as the contemporary technologies used, define the high quality of our products. This has been acknowledged by many certificates and awards, including the Gold Medal of the International Plovdiv Fair, the Silver Lion of Produced in Bulgaria – 1998, the Choose the Bulgarian – 2003’s first medal, and many others.

The ART 93 shop offers the greatest variety of leather products, accessories, and souvenirs. Choose a gift from us!

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