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Our aim has always been to put our services to your greatest benefit, making them easy to use and giving them intelligible names.

Please do take advantage of our Econtomats, whenever you are shipping out items:

-    At the electronic cabinet, only specify the shipment weight in kilograms;
-    Select a bigger cell with the device, if needed;
-    Benefit from our new prices with 10% discounts, whenever you are preparing shipments through the electronic cabinet or at an Econt office, from or to an Econtomat.

With this device, you may send and receive shipments:
-    24/7, without any break;
-    For less than a minute;
-    With a 50% discount, from and to the same Econtomat;

Shipments that you send on business days after 6:00 PM and on Saturdays after 1:00 PM will be serviced by one of our couriers on the following business day.

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