Interservice Uzunovi PLC - Offices

Interservice Uzunovi PLC - Offices

INTERSERVICE UZUNOVI PLC was established in Varna in 1990 as Interservice Uzunov Sole Trader and transformed into a joint-stock company in October 2000 with Mr. Krasimir Uzunov being the main shareholder and Executive Director. Soon after the transformation, the main activities of the company were separated and formed several daughter companies managed by executive directors and the board of directors of Interservice Uzunovi Plc together with Mr. Uzunov. The other minority shareholders are members of the Uzunov family who participate in the management of the holding company and its daughter companies.

The head-office of the company is situated in Varna. There are representative offices in the biggest cities of Bulgaria – Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Veliko Tarnovo with a chain of dealers, practically covering all the territory of Bulgaria.

The main activities of the company include:

  •          import and distribution of audio/video products through the exclusive and official distribution of Sharp for Bulgaria;
  •         import and distribution of electro-domestic and professional appliances through the exclusive and official distribution of Fagor, Edesa, Superser (Bosch-Siemens);
  •          import, distribution and assembly of furniture and accessories for homes, offices, hotels and public buildings;
  •          import, turn key hotel and residential furnishing;
  •          distribution and assembly of construction materials and building components;
  •         project management of various developments including shopping centers, retail parks, residential complexes, holiday villages, public building and hotels;
  •          real estate brokerage;
  •         servicing and maintenance of electronic and office equipment; production, processing, distribution and export of vegetables and wild mushrooms and fruits;

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