Lilly Drogerie

Lilly Drogerie


The Lilly Drogerie chain has operated in Bulgaria since the beginning of 2010. It has opened 32 stores nationwide so far. In 2014 ten new stores will be opened in Sofia and in other towns in the country.


Our presence both in Bulgaria and Serbia has proven that our customers have found within us what they've been looking for. Their loyalty is the best recommendation we could wish for. If you add this to our dedication to satisfying the wishes of the customers, the frequent reduced price special offers and the excellent service, it becomes clear why the Lilly chain of drugstores serves over 55,000 customers on the Balkan Peninsula daily.


And we always try to fulfill at least one more wish!


In order to offer more to the market, we started our own production of high quality products based on natural ingredients, which are characterized by excellent quality and reasonable prices.


In cooperation with leading dermatologists and pharmacologists we have developed a wide range of products with the brands VELNEA, Mamma&Baby, Watte&Watte and others, more information about which you can find on our homepage.



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  • Phone: 052 502274; 0882 922 686
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  • Number: 22