Female Dancesport Champion Becomes the New Face of Varna Mall

17. September 2019
Female Dancesport Champion Becomes the New Face of  Varna Mall

She is young, beautiful, and has the perfect body measurements. She likes to draw and has been dancing since she was 4 years old. She is fluent in several languages, plays tennis, and is an equestrian. Her name is Elizaveta Kravets, the girl with the charming smile who won the hearts of the audience at the Miss Varna 2019 Contest, and who also grabbed the “Miss Internet Varna 2019” Award.

She is the new Face of Varna Mall, who will endorse some of the most attractive outfits from the Fall-Winter collections at the Shopping Center.

Elizaveta has been living in Varna since she was 3 years old, and is enamored with the country – with the people who live here, and with Bulgarian nature. No wonder: she has an entire menagerie at home, including a dog named Zenta from the ancient Alabai breed, a parrot named Chiko, Anton the rabbit, and Zamina the mare. She adores dancing, especially cha-cha and foxtrot, and together with her partner has been a three-time dancesport champion of Bulgaria.

Elizaveta’s dreams are tied to the fashion industry. When looking into the future, she sees herself as a model, but also as a designer who will try to catch up with the fame of her favorite fashion icon, Coco Chanel. As for now, she goes to the Vocational School of Textile and Fashion Design in Varna, a stepping stone to her greater goal – becoming a student at the Milano Fashion Institute. She will definitely accomplish it, not simply because she has the obstinacy of her astrological sign, Capricorn, but also due to the number of languages that she speaks: Russian, English, Bulgarian, and a bit of Hebrew, soon to be joined by Italian.

Photos from the photo sessions will be published in the new edition of the Commercial Center’s catalogue. Photographers are Ivan Kolev and Krasimir Ivanov.