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The Americano Coffee House

The Americano Coffee House


Great coffee and great desserts – this is the identifying mark of The Americano Coffee House. Although the first boutique Coffee House opened in southwest England in the not so distant 2010, today The Americano ranks among the leaders in the world of coffee.

Carefully selected and skillfully combined varieties of top-quality coffee, served in a perfect cup – the meeting with The Americano is an exciting experience for any lover of the caffeine drink. Moreover, here you can "customize" your cup of freshness according to your preferences, mood or even your passing whim, including in decaffeinated versions.

Naturally, a cup of good coffee requires a bite of sweetness, and among the snacks and desserts of the Americano brand you will undoubtedly find the perfect companion for the perfect drink. All what is left is for you to enjoy the delight for the senses...

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  • Phone: 0884 018 830
  • Floor: 1
  • Number: 1