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Mado Café

Mado Café

The taste of the Orient – with the unique sweet specialties made at the Bosphorus, with the worldwide famous MADO ice cream in combination with coffee, refreshing juice, cocktail or shake, expects you at Mado Café in Mall Varna EAD (Мол Варна ЕАД).

Not surprisingly, the fans of ice cream from Cyprus to South Korea and from Russia to Australia have recognized MADO ice cream as No. 1 in taste qualities. The secret lies in the 300 years of tradition using a unique technology with the mysterious name Karsambac. In distant times the locals, seeking to quench their thirst in the sweltering days, mixed snow preserved on the northern slopes of the mountains with fresh fruit nectar. Over the years, this mix was enriched with milk, honey, salep and many more exotic supplements to acquire the unrivaled MADO taste which we enjoy today.

Besides with ice cream and ice cream cakes, Mado Café will welcome you with a variety of other sweet and savory treats of Oriental cuisine – "scalded" filo pastry with cheese and spinach, various snacks with homemade taste, baklava, Eastern specialties, boza, milkshakes and a wide selection of coffees and teas.

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  • Phone: 0877 447 414
  • Floor: 2
  • Number: 1