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Capella fresh food & pizza

Capella fresh food & pizza

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The eternal problem of whom to leave our children with when we decide to go to a restaurant now has a solution. The Capella fresh food & pizza restaurant offers the perfect entertainment opportunity for the whole family.

Along with the Capella Play children's center, well known to kids and parents, the grown-up guests of Mall Varna EAD (Мол Варна ЕАД) can enjoy the comfort of a modern restaurant with original menu with an Italian touch. The complex has 80 seats and a spacious balcony for 40 more people, and the Capella fresh food & pizza team is ready to pamper each customer with plenty of fresh salads, Mediterranean specialties and tender barbecue.

The spirit of Italy can be sensed not only in the atmosphere of the restaurant – the risotto is prepared with original Arborio rice, and the pizza dough is made entirely by hand from real Neapolitan flour, delivered from the Apennines specifically for the kitchen of Capella fresh food & pizza. All this is served with selected wines from the best Bulgarian wineries and imported brands from the Old and New World.

A gesture to all guests is the willingness of the chef to conform the original recipes with the requirements for healthy eating even for the youngest customers.

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  • Phone: 0882 372 222
  • Floor: 3
  • Number: 141